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Alanya Tours: Your Guide for an Unforgettable Holiday Experience

Alanya is a popular holiday resort located on the south coast of Turkey, attracting tourists with its magnificent beaches, historical ruins and unmatched natural beauty. Thanks to Alanya tours, it is now very easy to discover this beautiful holiday destination and to collect unforgettable memories. 

Places to Visit in Alanya Tours

Alanya is a holiday resort full of historical and natural beauties. You can discover these beauties thanks to Alanya tours. Here are the places to visit in Alanya:

Alanya Castle

Alanya Castle, built in the 13th century, has become the symbol of the city. The castle is located on a peninsula at an altitude of 250 meters and offers panoramic city and sea views. Visiting Alanya Castle is ideal for breathing the historical atmosphere and catching the magnificent views.

Dim Stream and Dim Cave

Dim Stream, located 15 km east of Alanya, is the perfect place to cool off and have a picnic. At the same time, you can visit the surrounding Dim Cave and examine the 1 million-year-old stalactites and stalagmites.

Cleopatra Beach

Cleopatra Beach, the most famous beach in Alanya, is famous for its golden sands and clear waters. The beach is ideal for sunbathing, swimming and water sports.

Accommodation Options in Alanya Tours

Accommodation options in Alanya tours are quite diverse. There are many options from luxury hotels to holiday resorts, from boutique hotels to hostels. Here are some popular accommodation options:

Luxury Hotels

Alanya is famous for its five-star hotels and resorts. By staying in these facilities, you can enjoy luxury and comfort. Offering high-quality services, private beaches, indoor and outdoor pools, spa and beauty centers, entertainment and sports activities, these hotels ensure you have an unforgettable holiday experience.

Boutique Hotels and Hostels

There are also boutique hotels and hostels in Alanya that offer a more friendly and warm atmosphere. These facilities are generally centrally located and offer easy access to historical and touristic sites. They also provide accommodation at affordable prices.

Activities to Do in Alanya Tours

Alanya is not just about sea, sand and sun. In this resort town, you can spend a holiday full of various activities. Here are some activities that can be done in Alanya tours:

Jeep Safari and Rafting

Jeep safari and rafting tours are organized in the mountainous areas around Alanya. These tours offer a great experience for adrenaline junkies. At the same time, you can find the opportunity to discover the natural beauties of the region.

Boat Tours

Safari Tours

Paragliding Tour

Sapadere Canyon Tour

Atv (Quad) Safari Tour

Buggy Safari Tour

Historical and Cultural Trips

Since Alanya has a rich historical and cultural heritage, you can join the tours organized in these areas. You can learn about the history and culture of the region by visiting historical structures such as Alanya Castle, Alara Han and Red Tower.

Yacht Tours

You can join yacht tours organized to explore Alanya's magnificent coastline. On these tours, you can enjoy the sea by swimming and snorkeling in beautiful bays.

Best Time for Alanya Tours

Since Alanya has a Mediterranean climate, it has hot and sunny weather most of the year. The best time for Alanya tours is between May and October. In these months, the sea temperature is ideal and all activities can be done comfortably. However, for those who want to visit Alanya during the winter months, you can have a quieter holiday experience and still discover the historical and natural beauties of the region.

Transportation in Alanya Tours

Transportation to Alanya is very easy and fast. Alanya tours organized from various cities of Turkey are usually carried out by minibus, jeep, plane and bus options. Here is some information about transportation to Alanya:

Transportation by Plane

Gazipaşa-Alanya Airport, the closest airport to Alanya, is only 45 km from the city center. Transportation is provided from many cities of Turkey and from different countries of the world with regular flights. For transportation from the airport to Alanya, there are HAVAŞ buses, taxi or private transfer options.

Transportation by Bus

You can also reach Alanya by bus services from many cities of Turkey. Travel by bus is a more cost-effective option, often saving time by choosing night travel.

Suggestions for Alanya Tours

Before joining Alanya tours, you can enjoy your holiday more by making a good planning. Here are some suggestions for Alanya tours:

  • Before you go to Alanya, you can make the most of your time by doing research about the places to visit and activities in the region.
  • By making a reservation in advance in Alanya, you can find more affordable prices for accommodation and activities.
  • You can increase your comfort during your holiday by choosing light and comfortable clothes suitable for the hot climate of Alanya.
  • You can protect yourself from the harmful effects of the sun by using sunscreen in Alanya.

Alanya tours offer a holiday full of unique experiences and unforgettable memories. Using this guide, you can maximize the enjoyment of your holiday in Alanya and discover all that this beautiful resort has to offer. We wish you a pleasant and unforgettable Alanya holiday in advance!

Frequently Asked Questions for Alanya Tours

For more information about Alanya tours, you can check the frequently asked questions:

How long do Alanya tours take?

Alanya tours usually vary between 3-7 days. According to the duration of the tour, different programs and activities are organized. You can choose the most suitable tour according to your needs and vacation duration.

Are there activities suitable for children in Alanya tours?

There are many activities for children in Alanya tours. You can also ensure that your children have a pleasant time with activities such as beach activities, water parks and nature trips that you can participate in as a family.

To give an example of child-friendly tours

  • Dolphin Show Tour
  • Water Park Tour
  • Horse Riding Tour
  • Pirate Boat Tour
  • Jeep Safari

In which languages ​​is the guide service provided in Alanya tours?

In Alanya tours, Turkish and English guide services are usually offered. On some tours, guide service in other languages ​​can also be provided upon request. It is useful to learn about the guidance services from the tour company in advance.

What do Alanya tours prices depend on?

Alanya tours prices vary according to tour duration, accommodation type, mode of transportation and additional services. In addition, factors such as season and early booking can also affect prices. The tour price table from Alanya is as follows.

Alanya Tour Name: Tour Price (per person)
Pirate Boat Tour   25 €
Jeep Safari Tour 25 €
Sapadere Canyon Safari Tour 30 €
Tandem Paragliding Tour 45 €
Traditional Turkish Bath 25 €
Turkish Bath Women Only  50 €
Alanya City Tour and Alanya Castle with Cable Car 25 €
Buggy Safari Tour   45 €
Quad (ATV) Safari Tour   35 €
Relax Boat Tour 35 €
Catamaran Boat Tour 28 €
Scuba Diving Tour 45 €
Green Canyon Boat Tour 40 €
Green Canyon Safari and Boat Tour 35 €
Hidden Paradise and Ancient Side Tour 40 €
Rafting Tour in Köprülü Canyon 25 €
Rafting and Buggy/Quad (ATV) Safari Tour   45 €
Rafting and Jeep Safari Tour   45 €
Canyon, Rafting and Zip Line Tour   40 €
Rafting, Buggy or Atv Safari and Zipline Tour 3 in 1   50 €
Rafting Greyhound Canyon Zipline Buggy Safari Tour 4 in 1   55 €
Rafting And Greyhound Canyon Tour   40 €
Tazi Canyon and Selge Ancient City -Adam Kayalar Tour   40 €
Night Jeep Safari Tour   35 €
Sunset Pirate Boat Tour   25 €
Night Disco Party Boat Tour   50 €
STARCRAFT Boat Tour   40 €
All Inclusive Aquapark Tour   55 €
Land of Legends Themed Aquapark Tour 70 €
Dolphin Show & Swimming Tour   45 €
Grand Bazaar Tour with Manavgat River Boat Tour   45 €
Manavgat Side Aspendos & Manavgat Waterfall Tour   55 €
Demre, Myra and Kekova Tour 70 €
Ormana Village and Golden Cradle Cave Tour   50 €
Salda Lake and Lavender Fields Tour   70 €
Pamukkale and Hierapolis Tour   70 €
Pamukkale and Pamukkale Hot Air Balloon Tour   85 €
Pamukkale and Hierapolis Tour (2 Days) 100 €
Pamukkale and Salda Lake Tour   75 €
Cappadocia Tour (2 days)   80 €
Cappadocia Tour (3 days)   125 €
Private Fishing Tour 55 €
Private Luxury Yacht Tour   380 €
Aquarium, Antalya City and Düden Waterfall Tour   80 €
Alanya Zipline Tour   55 €
Horseback Riding Tour 3-Hour   50 €
Parasailing Tour   60 €
Jet Ski Tour   60 €
Istanbul Tour (by plane)   260 €
Antalya City Tour, Waterfall and Boat Tour   55 €
The Land of Legends Show Tour   30 €
Fire of Anatolia Show at Gloria Aspendos Arena   70 €
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